Vision Statement

Castle Rock Elementary School will be recognized as a child-centered elementary school focused on excellence. All children will have the opportunity to experience success in their academic, physical, social and emotional development. Castle Rock Elementary School will promote global thinkers who are life-long learners, literate, communicative, culturally sensitive, respectful of others and prepared to be future leaders.

Castle Rock Elementary students will be the principal focus of our educational program, which empowers children to grow, develop, and achieve. Active parent involvement in all grades will be encouraged and recognized as a key to each child’s success. The link between school and community will be enhanced through mutual understanding, respect, continuous open communication and participation.

Castle Rock Elementary School will design educational programs that are sensitive and proactive to the unique needs of all children emphasizing responsible citizenship and international understanding. Our instruction will grow from the core curriculum, state standards and reflect current research. Fine arts, foreign language and technology will broaden students’ understanding of their world. Through collaborative partnerships with parents, community groups, and civic organizations, Castle Rock will create a learning environment that supports and challenges each child to become a critical, reflective and compassionate thinker.

Castle Rock Elementary School’s curriculum will be challenging, inquiry-based and authentic. Collaborative instruction will be integrated and include a variety of strategies and assessments. Our students, staff, parents, and community will work together as a team to assist children in understanding and succeeding in life long learning experiences. As we successfully prepare our students for tomorrow, Castle Rock will provide all children the ability to envision their future as responsible international citizens.